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. . . sharing the Lord with one another through conversation, meals and life.



Asking such questions as those above  kicked us in the seat of our britches and put us on a wild ride in which we now find ourselves  outside the camp.*.  We know we aren't the only ones.   That's the reason for this web site.  We want to share our journey and learn about God from yours.  Please click the picture to the right to read a little about us and leave us an email about

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This website includes pieces written by Charlie, Alice and others about living an intimate, deep Christian life with God and fellow Christians. We've included links that have meant much and helped us grow over the years. We hope to help you as much as others have helped us. Praise God for the relationships he has provided his children!

Let's commun*e*cate!

For great online fellershippin' please visit us at the following sites.

Alice's blog
Our pond is one of our favorite spots.  It used to be the most serene place to worship, but the goose, Honk-her, has taken some of the peace away.  :)

Click the photo for some different views of our place.
Living out in the country has led to many new experiences and hobbies.  This picture is linked to a few of them.

May God use Texas Eden to provide opportunities of beholding Him through His creation which will allow all who experience Him here to reflect his glory to others. 

II Corinthians 3:18

Robin's page has poetry and other teenage stuff.

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