The Prayer of Jabez, Prosperity Gospel and is it all about ME?

Ya know when you start understanding something differently, then 'behold - all things have been made new!"  :)  I've been moving in a different direction lately which is causing my mind to twirl. I wondered what y'all thought of it.  In keeping with the traditional view of God - that he's there to grant our 'heart's desire' and to help us out in this life to make sure that at least eventually our lives will work out to our best, I think we've misinterpreted some verses along the way.

The way we see most of religious life, it's really all about us.  We are the actors, God is our director, we get the applause, we are living our lives learning and maturing along the way so that we can get more out of life - maybe someday - but we hold to the hope it WILL come someday.  We've taken verses like "all things work together for good to those who love the Lord" and interpreted it FOR US - that all things will work out the best for us - or in the way we want it to - even though we will allow God His own time to get that done - as long as He doesn't take too long and we give up on Him.

We take "God will give us the desires of heart" to mean that what is REALLY important to us - what we TRULY desire in life will some day come to fruition (wow I haven't heard that sermon word in a long time :-) ).

What if our life - the one that we have pledged to give Him - all our mind, our hearts, our strength and all that, and the one we've sang o'r and o'r "None of self, and all of thee" is here just FOR HIM???  What if all things work together for good is about HIS PLAN?  What if the desires of our hearts is what He GIVES us - so that we desire what He desires and we can then be of use to Him?  What if none of this is about us AT ALL?

What if our surrendering ourselves to Him is so He can use us - and He made us in such a way that in that using, we 'have life and have it more abundantly' because He is the only one able to reach in that inner, secret core of our beings and satisfy what we were made to be - NOT by making our physical lives work out for OUR best - not by satisfying deep needs we want to see filled - but by USING up every inch of what he gave us solely for HIM.

There are very dedicated Christians whose lives DON'T work out.  They may be martyred alone and no one ever knows of them - so there is no great witness for God.  They may die a very agonizing death and not be able to touch people that they might have if they had been allowed to live longer.  They may lose everything financially and NEVER gain it back.  Their kids might not come back.  Their marriages might fail.  They may never understand in this life what the meaning of it all was.  But bottom line - are we willing to be that for God - and trust Him to truly be the clay to His potter - even if we don't understand, feel victorious, feel vindication or importance?  What if the only answer is "it is what I had planned." Can we do it?

Do you think this makes any sense?

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, “I used everything you gave me.  Erma Bombeck