Is Bible Discussion all it's Cracked up to be? 

I think discussion is wonderful, but not in the general 'bible class' method that is usually meant. Once the simplicity of the gospel is realized - I think from then on, discussion should be pretty limited - and then only on topics that directly affect our walk with God. We should be so busy doing - we just don't have much time for talking about it! Now and then it's fun to get off into the 'what-if's' of the Bible.. but 99% of our discussion is just that. Can't we see that in the last 1000+ years all these topics have been torn apart by folks MUCH more knowledgeable than any of us?  So much so that very dedicated people who have sat on either side of an issue even gave up their lives for it - yet nothing has ever been solved - no answer set in stone as the ultimate correct truth?

Church has taught us that our 'don't forsake assembling' times are to be spent in reading, rereading, learning, relearning, hearing, rehearing biblical passages. We are so brainwashed in this, that even once out of the organization, we still feel that a 'gathering' of saints needs to be centered around some sort of study and discussion.

99% of that study has NOTHING to do with what's going on with anyone's real just like church we leave unfulfilled, and back to confiding in neighbors or friends at work our REAL struggles or confusions, because that is not what our 'church' friends are for.

The devil is still winning. That wolf in sheep's clothing stuff is as meaningful now as it was in the NT. All this stuff LOOKS so good, and if only we were more holy and spiritual minded it would surely FEEL better than it does. We often still feel empty when it comes to fellowship. We are called to encourage each other - not to teach each other. That encouragement will involve using the qualities we have because God lives *in* us - the fruits that are ripening more and more as we become closer to Him - not because of the verses we know and can quote.

We need to quit talking about HOW to do it - and do it. We need to not waste a minute of our precious time - both with our "real" friends and the e*saints - with pointless topics that at best are lukewarm to our Christian walk, and many times enflame negativity between brothers. Like Jesus - we need to be about our Father's business.

Now - exactly what is that?