Our Best Friends

They keep us safe from coyotes, rabbits and mailmen.  They also entertain us constantly - they love life.  They swim in the pond - harass the ducks - but also keep the ducks safe from owls and coyotes.  They are just great dogs.


We actually had puppies and ducklings at the same time!
Maddie gave me my first experience with puppies. What joy! I felt like a grandmother!
The dog population does change around here.  You have to be a duck lover.  Some dogs love ducks - but in the wrong way. :)  This puppy we picked up on the way out of Walmart - I just love those free Walmart dogs.  So far he loves to chase the ducks - but I think he wants them to stay in the pond.He is not one of Maddie's puppies.  We had to give them all away. :(
Ok - so this is not really a dog I actually HAVE.  But I'm working on Charlie. :)  One of my students was selling St. Bernard puppies and I had never seen anything so cute.  Maybe someday . . . if I work him just right . . .