African Geese

We raise African geese - known as being the friendliest breed but also the loudest!  :)  We seem to have trouble keeping a male around.  Honk-her doesn't seem to interested in Honk-he.  She's single right now - but we'll be getting her a new hubby this spring.

She is a real people goose. She comes up to the house and looks in our windows trying to get us to come outside.  She even walked into the open kitchen door one day. :)


She really loves Charlie!  She's very friendly to all the men who come.  It's just male geese she likes to attack.
This is as close as she'd let me get with the camera.
This is what happened when we brought her home a husband. This was not a love dance! And you know what - he was bigger and tougher - but she got the best of him.  He could only get in the pond when she allowed it and was not allowed up at the house where HER humans live. :)
Here she is at the bedroom window trying to get us to come out and play.  All 20 ducks follow her everywhere.
She definitely has a softer side. Although she has had no babies of her own, she has watched over every set of ducklings we've hatched. She stands guard by their cage day and night - not even leaving for food but once a day. When we finally let the ducklings on the pond she protects them from the larger ducks. She has never lost one!