Our Little Texas Edenonites

We sure have enjoyed living and learning out here!. It's such a wonderful place to learn more about nature and especially about God who made it.  Animals are amazing and a lot of fun!

Each picture is a link to others. (or soon will be!)  


    The head honcho - our goose Honk-her.
    Her charges - a flock of about 15 ducks. All but 2 of them we incubated and hatched last spring.
    The dogs - our best buds.
    100's of great birds - cardinals, chickadees, hummingbirds, finches and woodpeckers.  We even snuck a picture of Great Horned Owl who was sleeping in one of our trees.
    Unexpected animals who've happened by . . .
    A few pictures of our place. . .

  Some pages to keep up with the goings on around here! 

First Monday and Charlie's Accident-April 2006 Blue Bird Festival - April, 2007
Pine Cove Mother/Daughter Weekend - May 2007 New Ducklings and Puppies - May, 2007
First Monday and Ducks moving outdoors - May, 2007 May and June, 2007