May God use Texas Eden to provide opportunities of beholding Him
through His creation which will allow all who experience Him here to reflect his glory to others.
We continually thank God for the opportunity to live surrounded by the wonderful diversity of nature. He teaches us more about Him everyday through the animals and their world.  Just like people - every duck, goose and cardinal has its own personality.  How can that be? It blows us away.  Through that we have learned that God loves differences - and that applies to people as well. His entire natural world thrives - and exists - because of it. 

On a cool day after a rain - we truly witness God's creation praising Him as the ducks and geese quack and swim - obviously reveling in His provisions for them.  The butterflies, hummingbirds and yes - even the coyotes are a sight to behold.

We prayed that God would provide us a life where we could focus more on Him - away from the unnecessary stresses that city life brings.  We try to share this with our friends and family as much as we can. I love children coming out here spotting turtles in the pond and getting to practice with BB guns.  That is just not as big a part of growing up as it used to - and should be.

 Our dream is to provide a private camping area where Christian families can come - either in tents or camper - and enjoy God through the same avenues we enjoy


Ducks enjoying the morning. Sunrise over our duck pond. Looks like we beat them up!
One of my favorite pictures! Our friends to the right helped us build a pergola - a place for morning coffee and evening gatherings! Sunset The pergola bunch after a long - but fun day together building.
Myron, Troy, Don, Lawrence and Myron
Home sweet home. I just love it.  We might see someone drive by our house once every 2 or 3 hours.  Too cool - considering my neighborhood used to border the Beltway in Houston! :)


Being from Houston, I just had to include a picture of snow!

If it's cool - we bought it at Canton's First Monday. This is a huge tree root that someone stuck butterflies on and then charged a lot of $$ :) Just one picture inside the house. I love this picture. We had a gathering and had so much fun talking and singing that Gary and Donna - our guitarists were exhausted and had to play lying down. :)  God's family is  too cool.