To Love an Angel

I can hear my heart beating loudly as he steps into the room.
I flash him a warm smile, but am quickly swept aside by a broom
of waves of adoring girls who are deeply in like with him.
But none of them will ever feel the way that I do about him. I am in love for the first time, but he doesn’t seem to know that the feelings I’ve had all along for him will never cease to grow. His love is a blue-eyed beauty who makes me look grotesque. She is so perfect and model-like when at her very best. He looks at me across the crowd of screaming wild girls. I notice something in his gaze as I reach over piles of curls. I am almost across the way when a creaking door is heard. An angel is now in our presence…. He cannot take his eyes off of her. I stare at them both helplessly as they come to one another through a part in the crowd made by the wild beasts running for cover. True love really is a very beautiful thing to see, but still a tear rolls down my cheek as I fall and am lost in the crowded sea.