The Cross

Im waiting:

Im ready.

Ive been crying,

But still steady.

Needing a shock

To get into gear.

My sanity, waning,

Already is sheer.

Need to feel love,

But none is lent,

Save for my father.

It is me he has sent.

My duty is know,

But dreaded all the same.

Imperative it is done,

Though I am weak and almost lame.

I try to walk,

To do what I'm asked,

But seeming impossible,

Why cant this be passed?

Hoping and praying

To my father above.

Asking forgiveness,

And of mercy and love.

Why me? I cry,

 Too meek to be heard.

Too difficult, too hard.

Though patience was learned.

It cannot be.

I hear from the crowd.

Look at him, see?

As if renowned.

I see to drift off,

The pain too overpowering,

To my heavenly home.

Over all, now, I am towering.