Links that will set your head a'spinnin' and maybe knock your chair out from under you!

I particularly love people who live the word by "Freely you received - freely give."  The following links are books, bible translations and study aids that took years to develop.  All are free for our use as we strive together to learn more about what being a child of His is all about.

Here is the Non-Ecclesiastical New Testament online! No transliterations, no church-forced language or concepts. Revolutionary!

What were Jesus' intentions for the church? What is the role of women in the church? What issues relate to the practice of tithing? Is it every Christian's responsibility to invite people to church? Find interesting views on these and other issues on The Universal Heretic's Religious Heresy Page. It could be a train wreck headed in your direction!

Men Who Would Be Kings is a free online book tracing the history and rise of human authority in the Kindgom from its earliest stages. It's a must read for EVERYONE. Extremely well researched and written.

Kingless Christianity or "What Do We Do Now"? This work attempts to take the next logical step from where "Kings" leaves off. If one accepts the notions in "Kings," then the Christian is left with several questions:
If there is no human authority structure in "the church" today, how do we conduct services?
What should a service consist of, and what should it not consist of?
More generally, what did early Christians do with one another?
What is Christian life supposed to be about?
More directly, if we accept the notion in "Kings" that all Christians are equals, then what do we do if we're not doing what the churches do?"

Earl Traut has his 100+ Greek Word Studies online. Great study resource!

History of Revision discusses the origin of the New Testament and traces the history of its revisions. Includes a biography chapter on prominent revisers.

Christian History Magazine

The Blue Letter Bible. "Our mission is to facilitate in-depth study of God's Word through an on-line interactive reference library." Search verses by key words or BCV. Compare translations.  Excellent resource.

E-Sword. The Sword of the Lord with an Electronic edge. "E-Sword is a fast and effective way to study the Bible. e-Sword is feature rich and user friendly with more capabilities than you would expect in a free software package."

Wheaton College's thorough listing of religious research material. Includes all 30 volumes of Early Church Fathers.

Unbelievable list of bible study resources including Nave's Topical Bible Search, the Dead Sea Scrolls, games and more!

Hellenistic Greek Linguistics Pages

The Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts Web focusing on the process used to study the ancient manuscripts upon which the New Testament is based.

Look up entries in the Greek Lexicon

Opinion Pages:
Much great reading. Hopefully you won't have heard many of these ideas before.  That's what causes growth!

The Examiner Online gives a tremendous amount of information for folks who are interested in learning the biblical answer to personal responsibility vs. church/power abuses.

It's always better if you think AND laugh. That is certainly what happens on the Sheep Comics website. The artist writes: the Sheep Comics are a series of comic strip episodes that tell the story of Lionel the Average Lamb and his experiences in the world of programmed, systematized, and professionally managed church systems. A word about terminology. When I use the term "church system", I mean any system of ritual and event attendance combined with outward behavior, that when conformed to, is supposed to please God.

Unveiling is one of my favorites sites.  The writings totally challenge me and deepen my understanding and desire to know Him.  Visit and sign up for emails of future writings.  They only come every few months.  From their site: As I began to use my eyes and ears for what felt like the first time, I couldn't believe what I was seeing that I'd never seen before. The Word of God had been transformed into LIFE and the Living Word! I had never questioned what I had heard, practiced and believed, but now the Holy Spirit Himself began to teach and show me that many of the things I had believed and practiced were not Biblical - which was rather a shock! I had been blind, but now I was beginning to see... I saw that my "Christianity" had simply been religious self-righteousness and pride - religion, myself and 'church' had been in the place of Christ in my life and I saw that this was nothing less than idolatry

The Living Stone is a site filled with information on Worship, The Kingdom, and Unity. Great stuff!

My mom's website: Nelta's Little Corner of the World includes info on church institutions, as well as down-to-earth satires used as illustrations.

Man, oh man, this guy will make you think. Read as Michael Clark takes you on a journey in the wilderness through  A Wilderness Voice . Non-traditional, thought-provoking and inspiring toward a deeper relationship with God.

Art Thompson and his Focus on Jesus website explains how we can live every aspect of our lives focused on Him.

Chip Brodgen and is a site for anyone who is truly seeking a relationship with the Father - away from the trappings of men. He reminds us that salvation, relationship and Kingdom life is TODAY - not a future hoped-for event. He's a wonderful, thought-provoking author.

A worship newsletter I love called Principally PROSKUNEO

It is David Yeubank's view that "too many believers today have become distracted with the organization of religion (content to go with the flow of what is traditionally accepted as "Christian" instead of knowing what Scripture teaches and the Holy Spirit designs) and too few know how to really discern the body of Christ, which is a living organism and a SPIRITUAL house of living stones - not defined by religious buildings, lifeless programs and denominations. Read much more challenging comments as well as links to a lot more at TruthForFree.  His MySpace has a lot of great stuff to explore, as well!

Other Great Sites

If you are a homeschooler and are looking for a one stop shop for ALL your quality needs please visit this online book store.  Not only will you find everything you need, by my sister and her husband (the owners) will personally help you with any questions about the books and about homeschooling in general.  She has over 15 years of experience and has definitely been there done that!

We have recently found the greatest guy online.  His name is Sean Dietrich and he has a wonderful collection of humorous and thought-provoking songs available free to listen to and download.  His website traces his journey to organized religion and then out to a life WITH Christians, not against them.  He also has a great newsletter you can sign up to receive.  Check him out!