Where did the word Fellership come from?

This page contains two of Charlie's writings that explain our understanding  of what God's desire for "church" and "fellowship" to be.  It has taken many years of study, talking to others, and seeking God  to reach the point where we are today.

Please read the two articles below.


Some thoughts on church


What is Fellership? 



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  Here is a link to more writings if you're interested! 


Fellership.com Blog  
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Alice's favorites:

A Father's Love Letter

I Can Only Imagine




Charlie's favorites:

Please take 20 minutes to listen to some great thoughts on God's nature.

The Nature of God by Graham Cooke (.wav file)
Allow this file to load before attempting to listen. It's large, but worth it!

The printed text of the Nature of God
for more information on Mr. Cooke please visit:

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