Our Day at Canton's First Monday Trade Days started off so perfectly . . .

First we bought 3 little African goslings - they are so cute. 
Then we got us a new puppy - a 10 week old Great Pyrenees we named Annie.

These dogs are wonderful protectors - and Annie has started her work already.

We brought the goslings and puppy home, but our mama goose Honker - became very protective of her 3 new babies and began attacking everyone, including us! Look at that tongue!  She is really hissing.

But then as Charlie was loading the 4 wheeler to get ready for work on Monday, disaster struck. 

While loading the 4 wheeler, it fell off the back of the truck and landed on top of him on the driveway!  Here is the aftermath.  He was able to push it off himself before I reached him.  Other than really bad bumps and bruises, he's going to be OK.


Not for the feint of heart - here's a video his accident.  Not gruesome - but very scary.