Puppy Daze are Here Again!

 Ok - I don't have grandkids - so you have to just bear with my puppy experiences. Our newest addition - Leah - is having a litter.  We saw her and her brother, Willie, at First Monday when they were about 10 weeks old and fell in love instantly.  Brent, Adele and Brandon were with us - and it was fun having everyone together to pick out the new pups.  Charlie named her after Leah in the Bible - who had tender eyes.  Leah's eyes are so sweet and expressive.

Here they were that day:

And this was the past Christmas - in total doggie humiliation:

March 21, 2009 - little Leah became a momma!

She started the day by digging herself under the pergola.  We knew that was a first sign that we were at least getting close to the big day.  Willie protected her by trying to keep us away.

Finally we tempted her out with a little bit of Charlie's BBQ from the night before. Notice how much she dug, getting ready to have the puppies safely in a dark place - she covered up all the plants I have there. It's amazing what God has put into each animal so they know exactly what they need to do.

And she quickly got comfy in the kitchen in her swimming pool - turned - whelping box.

Hmmmm - what's happening down there?

Now - what in the world is this?  Little did we know how many more bundles of joy were in our future!


The little family is slowly growing.

Surveying all her hard work cozy under the heat lamp.

Still growing . . .


Momma Love!

And now a few cameos . . .


Are we going to be able to part with them? I don't see how.  Here's how they'll look in a month:


One week old!  Their eyes are still closed but they are twice as big and are starting to move around more.  This is so much fun.  :)

Leah's nose is buried in babies.

Brother and sister snuggles.  The little girl on the left loves to sleep with her tongue out.  The one on the right looks like a little baby hippo.

Sardines. We had never seen them lined up like this before.

This is our favorite picture.  Two sisters who, although they still can't see, always wind up laying together.  What a sweet picture.  I was so thrilled the camera was there - it had batteries AND they stayed still long enough for me to snap it.  As you know - that kinda thing doesn't happen often!