More examples of Fellership!
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I Corinthians 14 speaks of all things done for
the "edifying of the group" when we come together.
These pictures are a few examples of that in our lives.




Fellership involves all ages - and involves everyone.  There is no speaker, no agenda.

"Whenever you come together each has a psalm, a teaching , a revelation, an interpretation"
It's all about sharing from each person.
Fellership  might be a short time like in line at the grocery store or it could be a full blown weekend.

I love the way groups of people move around and intimate conversations begin. While several shared breakfast in the kitchen, we four enjoyed our coffee warmed by a morning bonfire.
There is no set meeting place or time.  People move between areas and conversations. Our purpose is strengthening one another, (edifying) and that can look many different ways. Jesus welcomed love to get involved.  Here they are learning how to make unleavened bread and learning about Jesus being the bread of life - free of leaven (sinless).
The kids loved crushing the grapes, thus learning Jesus' blood  was shed for us.

They  were also amazed to see the final result of crushing produced a mangled and empty cluster, representing Jesus being "bruised" and afflicted for our transgressions.  Later as we all drank the juice, all were surprised at the sweet taste.  Thank You Lord!