Some Thanksgiving Weekend Fun!

We had a lot of fun this T-day.  Evan and Nathan came for a visit. Plus their dad drove down from Missouri - so everyone but Ryan was able to spend some time together - more than usual, in fact.  It was great - especially because it was only in the 30's.  We had a couple of great bonfires.

I had the Christmas lights up for them. I wrestle with myself every time whether to put them up or not.  I loved having them up for neighbors and folks who drove by, when we lived in the city, but out here, we are so tucked away in the woods, even if someone did drive by they wouldn't notice them.  So, we end up doing it just for us.

Too bad they don't look as good on film as they do 'for realz.' :)

The pergola . .  

Oh well - you get the idea. :) Thanks for indulging me.


First of all - here's Charlie, bright and early T-day morning, bundled up, smoking our turkey. It was delicious!  But I think the best part was the smell that traveled all over the property over that cold brisk air.  It reminded me of the T-day we spent at Granddaddy McDonald's in the late 60's - when they cooked that hog outdoors. HmmmMmMM  the smell was amazing.

As you notice, it didn't take the dogs long to figure out good stuff was happening, too.

He was getting ready to open the grill and see all that luscious smoke come pouring out!


It looks like Maddie is begging and Buddy is in stealth mode.

Btw - Robin did a LOT of the cooking this year.  Nearly half the meal, I'd say.  She did a great job.

Here are some pics of the bonfires.  We had a huge one - burning branches and things that had been accumulating for a year - due to the burn ban.  We also had a smaller one, nice and toasty to sit around.

The really cool part was that it began sleeting while we were out there. I was so glad it was as cold as it was.

Here's the pyros -

I really like the way this turned out - with the glow of the fire.

The sparks really look cool when captured by the camera.


Next, we traveled across Dallas to Grand Prarie - where the amazing hotel Gaylord Texan puts on a winter show called Ice!.  It's amazing ice sculptures done by artists from China.  They are bigger than life size and made with 3 types of ice. EVERYTHING you see in the following pictures is made from ice. It was 9 degrees inside, and so they issue you a coat before entering.

The sleigh is ice as well as the driver sitting on the other side of Nathan.

Looks good enough to eat!

Photo op #114!

On the other side of this huge angel they had a 20 piece life sized nativity scene.

The boys were no longer humoring me with these photos. :) But isn't that tunnel gorgeous?

Here are my babes and I. (3/4 of them)

The end of the icy trail.

On our way home, I think Evan displayed what we were all feeling - total exhaustion.  We had a great meal - but I don't even remember where! :)

One more thing - in October, Robin was in a murder mystery play at school called "Murder in the House of Horrors."  It centered around the murder of an archeologist (Robin's husband) who brought some famed Egyptians artifacts to the US.  Robin's character was a gold digging, catty dame and was one of the main suspects.  She played that part just a little too well! :)

In the vein of "the show must go on" Robin's dress was ripped in the beginning of the show due to a fight scene she had.  She had to worry the rest of the show with how to keep herself covered. Here she is showing off her problem. :)

Thanks for watching our little photo montage of the holiday. The only way it would have been better is if you had been there! (Well, that depends on who is reading this - but I'm sure you are really nice person and we would have all had a great time! :)