Lafferty Happenings 'round the Farm

Sometimes we feel like kids out there - there is so much going on and it's just a whole lot of fun. We both love the opportunities God has provided for us to learn more about his creation and what it teaches us about Him.  There's nothing better than binoculars, a bird field guide and new knowledge about a bird we've never heard of before.  God's love of variety blows us away!

We thought we'd share some of what we experience through occasional webpages of photos and information.

May God use Texas Eden to provide opportunities of beholding Him through His creation which will allow all who experience Him here to reflect His glory to others.

 First Monday and Charlie's Accident- May 2006
Blue Bird Festival - April, 2007
New Ducklings and Puppies - May, 2007
First Monday and Ducks moving outdoors - May, 2007
May and June, 2007
 Pine Cove Mother/Daughter Weekend - May 2007
The Cross in Groom, Texas - August 2007
Thanksgiving and ICE! from 2007
Cow Patties and other Amazements - Feb/March 2008
Summer 2008: The Shack, Gathering with Saints - it's been a wild ride!
Leah's Puppies and other stuff from Spring 2009

Charlie's TruTV experience

Teacher of the Year - 2009/2010. Whoop!

Breanna's birthday and Evan