Pine Cove Mother/Daughter Weekend

March 23, 2007

Goofing off in the mirror when we got there.

The dining room. I love the moose over the fireplace.

A view of our room from the front door.


Robin sitting on the dock waiting for dinner.


Another lake view


Not dancing in the rain - but dancing in the dogwoods.

Karol Ladd - wearing her hat of "Trash Thinking" (comparing our lives with that of others and using a lot of n't words like I can't, He won't, etc.

She is also wearing her "dark glasses of despair" which means we have a choice of how we look at our circumstances - negatively or positively.

Getting ready to ride.

View from the ride

Another view of nature during the ride.

Robin was the first camper in line.

This is a bag we brought home with our new goose, Gandolph. It's a gift for our dear Honker.  NOT!  Honker let us know after 2 years that he's not a GIRL - he's a GUY and  he's sick and tired of us bringing him home boyfriends. :) We had no idea! So now we've named him Honkhe and we need to find him a woman - QUICK!

Here's Gandolph, enjoying his new home.