Blue Bird Festival and Talent Box Variety Show - 2007

Today was the Blue Bird Festival - I wish y'all had been here! As you can see, the weather was bad. No rain, but it was only in the upper 40's and very windy. It really cut down on the turnout.  Did you know Wills Point is the Blue Bird capital of Texas? For 11 consecutive years, more blue birds were spotted here than any city in Texas.

barn owl

There were some bird rehabbers from the Dallas area, that brought some birds that we could really inspect up close and personal. All of these can be found out at our place.

great horned owl

Even a buzzard who thinks he's human and won't eat unless it's out of a human's hands.



We were supposed to entertain on an outdoor stage, but it was way too cold and windy.  So we brought it inside the Talent Box.  We were afraid the audience would look like this:

But people did come. :) Isn't their lawn chair seating cute? It's handy though, because when they have dinner theaters they are able to easily unscrew the chairs from the floor and make room for tables in between.

This is also where Robin does her plays.  They are putting on Steel Magnolias right now and Robin is doing backstage and makeup work, as well as working the dinner theater.



There was some great entertainment.





. . . and fabulous musicians.  Several had won awards around here like Entertainer of the Year. Now, even if that's from Forney or Point, TX - it's still an honor!


And what would it be without some slapstick East Texas comedy?









Of course, the highlight of my evening was Robin singing.  She, and the other singers, had 5 songs a piece. She also read the poem "If Jesus Came to Your House."

discussing gray hair vs. spiked hair

And I had my acting debut - playing Robin's mom (surprise, surprise) in a skit called "Generation Gap." We talked about how hard it was to try to plan a skit when we couldn't agree on music or clothes. It was really fun to do.


Kids today!


Oh, how I love my golden oldies.

I was able to tape most of one of Robin's songs. I wish I had a bigger camera card so I could have gotten more. I hope the attachment here works, if not - let me know.

Jerry, the guy who introduced her, is a hoot.  He played the Scarecrow in "Trial and Error" for those of you who were able to come. He is so funny and can really put on the East Texas twang. :)

Thanks for letting us share our day with you.  It's hard when everyone lives so far away and we can't participate in each other's lives.  We miss y'all!