June Happenings - 2007


Charlie's TruTV Experience

July, 2009

What a great time we had!  TruTV contacted us after seeing a video on YouTube that we had posted about a horrible 4-Wheeler accident Charlie had while loading it onto the pickup.  You can see the video here (if you want to)   


After numerous tries to contact us - we finally had a film crew in our house to interview him for an upcoming episode of Most Daring on TruTV.

First they had to rearrange our living room to have a good background along with room for their cameras.

Next they set up for lighting and sound.


Then the interview began. It lasted 3 hours.  They patiently walked Charlie through the experience from various angles and suggested ways to reword it so it was concise and clear.


 I like the look on the interviewers face. He looks kinda incredulous.


Next it was outside for some random shots.  The day before we had taken various shots of Charlie riding a 4- wheeler - so they could show it at the beginning of the piece.  Here's Alex is directing Charlie what to do around his tractor.  Charlie said this was the hardest part - randomly doing things without talking.




Since I was the one who actually filmed the mishap, they wanted to get some film of me using a camera. I can't tell you how weird it is to have a camera right in your face like this!


. .

Then they wanted some shots around town.  We stopped off for a pic of the WP sign.  I liked this one.  Everything was taken so seriously and done perfectly.




. . .

As if we spend time around the train depot - they took a few shots of us just randomly talking.  Robin did a great job getting these behind the scenes shots.  It was a neat experience for all of us.


They told Charlie to 'pretend' to talk to me.  If you know Charlie - you know that was the easiest part of the day. :)


In the end - we all said goodbye.  The guys were so good and professional.  John was the real deal - has worked on several movies with folks like Helen Hunt and Mickey Rooney.  He filmed the original pilot for America's Most Wanted as well as Ripley's.  We ate lunch at Cowboys and he told us wonderful stories about people has met such as a blind-from-birth painter who painted nature scenes (how in the world?) and a guy who could write the entire Lord's prayer, legibly, on a piece of rice.  What an interesting life!  He's spent  a week filming the lights of Marfa and then with a guy who dons a specialized suit to clean out industrial septic systems. We just had more fun talking to him.


This was definitely a not-to-be-repeated experience.  But man, was it fun!


Charlie, Alice and Robin - July 1, 2009